Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thriftiness Adventures

Reading,Writing, Letters, Math, and Crafting books for my classroom and for teaching the kid. Most these books came from bargain barn side of the largest  goodwill in town where they sell items for less then $2 in the entire store area. I got these books for only 50 cents each. 
Mo' has been responding the best to board books as well as books made mostly of photographs and I found a nice haul of them today in the regular goodwill store.
I seriously wish this was in my size and not a 2t for the kid. It's the perfect magical girl sweat shirt. 

 I spend the majority of my time shopping at thrift stores because being a teacher and a parent I have to stretch every dollar. I lucked out with my most recent thrift finds with some great instructional books for teaching lower level students and even though I teach art I have to incorporate reading,math, science, and writing into my curriculum every chance I get.  I also picked up some new story books and clothes for the kiddo. (Keeping up with clothes that fit a growing toddler is a daunting task)

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