Monday, October 22, 2012


I've been trying my hand at food jewelry over the past few months. I've mostly just stuck to pretzels, donuts, and ice cream which have been influenced by one of my favorite crocheters Twinkie Chan and her fabulous food art. (I am seriously in love with her bright colors and absurdly cute designs)

I made all of the pieces out of pluffy polymer clay which is nice and light compared to the brands out there for crafters. You just have to be very careful when baking it since it can burn very easily but when it turns out well they look fabulous with the brightly color aluminum chain I have paired with each pendant.  

Though personally I love the clay that turns into a useable eraser when baked in the classroom since you can gives students a chance to create a functional piece of art. 

I need to reshoot the majority of the pieces for the shop so expect some foodie jewelry coming to the shop within the week. 

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