Friday, October 12, 2012

Ponies and Tables

I've been working on making my daughter's room into something more appropriate for a toddler. We were going with a more montessori style for awhile with a mattress on the floor and easy to access toys. Our home's floors getting very cold during the winter we needed to get her off the floor with a new bed and this wonderful set of My Little Pony bed sheets.
I really love these sheets and quality is much better then I expected for toddler bedding. 

Super Thrift find! I found this little table at the local GoodWill for only $10 even if it is Disney, its not overtly pink and much subtle in color. 

In the middle of all the action my kiddo made her pones migrate into the bathroom. 

This was our Friday.Tabl

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  1. OMG My Little Pony sheets! and so many ponies! I cannot believe you thrifted that chair./table set for only $10-- that is a major steal!
    ♥ laura
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