Friday, October 26, 2012

Bag Lady

I admit it. I have a bag addiction. I own several different kinds of bag, purses, and wallets and I always end up killing a number of them along the way as a result of the abuse I put them through on a day to day basis. Back in 2005 I started to make my own pouches to keep my undergraduate art major bag of tricks organized since I had to carry so much junk with me back then for various classes. Not soon as I made my first bags for my self my oldest cousin (20+ years older then me) and my mom's friends began to want them and then I began to sell them every year at different holiday shows which has proved to quite rewarding. 

My latest foray into bag making has evolved over the year. I first began by hand-stitching every bag with whatever material I could get my hands on at the moment. Every bag was different and then I got my sewing machine and I began to develop a pattern to use for each and every bag. It made the product more uniform and I switched from buttons to velcro. I am now going from velcro to zippers with my newest bags and finding wonderfully new and nerdy fabrics to make them for the up coming shows I'm attending this season with these awesome industrial feeling zippers on them. Hopefully they will make the impact my usual work does this time of year. 

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