Monday, December 17, 2012

Kid, Prep, Work, Holiday

another custom fuku! This time it is not a solid on solid color!
(happy dance inserted here)

Things have been really hectic around the Jones homestead in the last few weeks. My husband and I decided that the kiddo should be home more with me while I'll working from home but over the last few months there was drastic staff changes. The final straw came when they tried to pull strings and violate my parental rights by not allowing me to bring healthy alternative snacks and sides for my daughter to eat instead of the food they served at the daycare. I called the department of human services and my pediatrician to determine their legitimacy of the ban and all signs pointed to "BS" which were confirmed by DHS and the Doctor's Office.  I have no luck with daycare for my child, but luckily I will be in a wonderful part of town next semester which means I have access to some wonderful places for her to go to school to when I am there.

Other then the kiddo things, I am working hard prepping for the next show on Jan 19th, Anime Blues Con Winterfest Remix at the Memphis Botanical Gardens, (I got married there),  by making tons of fuku collars, earrings, unicorn horns (and I keep selling out of them at MempShop ;-;) , and other little tid bits...

   ...but you know I need to find time to do other things like apply to school districts, make baked goods, wrap gifts, go gift shopping, not any more crazy then I already am....

Anyways... I hope everyone is having a happy holiday.

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