Monday, December 17, 2012

Katie Wants - Han Solo Business Card Holder

Covet Covert. Covet. I so need this for when I galavant around in costume so I can hand out business cards in style like a boss. 
 My husband for my holiday, that I can lay under my Hanukkah Bush, present is making me my very own light saber so we can form our own jedi family eventually over the next few years.  I so need this business card holder for our costuming adventures. Last year the husband made his own lightsaber to accompany his costume I made him last year for our favorite local con last year.

The hubs in his costume last year with his costume I made him and the saber he made. 

The kiddo is getting her own saber next year, you know 3 years old is a mature age for a light saber, right?

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  1. THAT IS TOO FREAKING AWESOME! I am sure you will be the coolest family of saber wielders! And yes, you totes NEED that carbonite card holder! It's just a MUST!
    ♥ laura
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