Friday, January 25, 2013

Katie likes... Cthulhu Perfume

I really really love the idea of a romantic Cthulhu perfume and would love to own only the bottle of this without the perfume in it.....

I have to admit something here, I'm actually really allergic to almost all perfumes. I get into massive and sometimes hysterical sneezing attacks when I'm around perfumes. This means no scented candles, soaps, detergents, but shampoos can be a hit or miss. My allergy to them can be so severe I even avoid social situations to avoid the headache/watery eyes/stuffed up and holidays and important social situations are the worse.

There is a up side on the scents for me because the natural companies like seventh generation, method, and Meyers tend to make less abrasive and more nose friendly scents for me that don't make me go haywire and feel sick.

Anyways... Can I just have the bottle or maybe a poster of the label? Perfumes make me sick.

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