Friday, January 11, 2013

Derpy Werpy Timey Wimey

 One of my loyal locals has a pair of Doctor WHO obsessed girls who are equally obsessed with My Little Pony and if didn't know the shows creators stuck an homage to DW in MLP. If you didn't understand as to why the show had many adult followers you can begin to now perhaps... but I digress...I'm starting to get better at working with shrink plastic but I'm going to keep it to booth items only and off of the store's site so if you want a shrinky dink pony you've got three options:

A) Beg Me for hours on end until I give in.

B) Get off of your butt and visit me at the next show I'm at which is less then a week away

C) Bribe me by taking me to an Asian Buffet or my favorite Sushi Dive

Personally I like option C the most... but I like B just as much.

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