Sunday, November 4, 2012

I need new glasses

I was really trying to avoid having to get new glasses until the end of next year but it looks like that won't happen now. When I was getting my daughter out of the car this morning to teach at the Green Sunday lesson at the church I work at most of the year when my glasses fell off and hit the pavement. Normally when this happens they do not get scratched but, this time they hit the ground just right. A pretty good chunk of the special coating they put on glasses for people with astigmatism, like myself, was torn off and made worse by me thinking that it was a smudge and trying to clean my glasses. 

Now I need new glasses.

My husband's insurance will hopefully cover a good portion of the cost of my lenses but I know it won't cover everything I need. 

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I normally don't ask for help but the show season hasn't started yet and I need to be able to see clearly to drive, work, and go to school.

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