Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Yesterday was my Birthday

Yesterday was my 28th birthday and the last day of midterms for me! Its been a crazy couple of weeks lately with family, school, work, and my health. I've been experiencing unexplained fatigue, pain, and inflammation across most of my joints and my back making it difficult to work consistently. My doctors are unsure about what is actually wrong with me because my blood work is showing that everything is fine, but I'm about to get to a second opinion once this next round of results come back.  Adding to the fuel to the fire my mother in law last week tripped in her own breaking her right arm and greatly bruising the left hip socket. My husband is my mother in law only child left in town so we're taking care of all of her business and her home while she's in rehab. Luckily she's out of the hospital but we don't know how long she'll be at the rehabilitation place.

What is happening with Tiny Little Magic? We're still open but moving slowly. Admittedly my work space is in desperate need of a good cleaning and rearranging to accommodate my new found inabilities. I've considered calling in help from the big guns (my mom) to get the space in a way that best suits me effectively and so I won't hurt myself in the process. Luckily, I am on spring break now and I can call in help as needed in multiple areas and rest as needed.

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  1. Happy birthday, Katie! I hope you got in a little bit of celebration amidst the chaos! And I hope that your mother in law and you feel better soon!
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